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Reception Curriculum

These Subject Plans (SPs) contain information about the knowledge and skills children will develop through their work. They contain images which summarise some key points, often using photographs of the children’s own work. The Subject Plans make links to our Golden Threads—the key learning strands which run through all topics in the school—and list the key vocabulary associated with a topic.
Whilst these plans can’t show everything that children will cover, we have tried hard to present the essential information in a way which is useful and easy to access. As such we hope it will help to support children’s learning at school and beyond.


pdf Communication & Language (1) - Summer Term 2024

pdf Communication & Language (2) - Summer Term 2024

pdf Food from around the world/changing world - Summer Term  2024

pdf Maths (1) - Summer Term 2024

pdf Maths (2) - Summer Term 2024

pdf PSHE (Jigsaw) Relationships - Summer Term 2024