Five Acres Primary

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Our Curriculum

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We have a broad and balanced curriculum to stimulate each child to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. Children are motivated to learn through engagement in activities which cater for all learning styles and which promote independence, confidence and social skills. We aim to give children a wide range of experiences to enthuse and challenge them, so that they develop self esteem, perseverance and resilience.

We give high priority to developing children’s values throughout their time at Five Acres. Values are the principles and fundamental convictions we hold. They are enduring beliefs about what is worthwhile and define the standards by which particular beliefs and actions are judged to be good or desirable. They help us to make decisions and evaluate the actions of others. Our values education is woven into the curriculum in order to give a variety of opportunities to support each child in developing a positive personal ethic to contribute to the peace and well-being of our community.

Children’s achievements are celebrated in lots of ways, including weekly assemblies and award ceremonies. We help children to gain self esteem and self confidence through praise and rewards, which are described in more detail in our school Behaviour Policy.

If you would like more information about the school curriculum, please contact Emily Ralph in the school office.