Five Acres Primary

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Our Values

British Values

At Five Acres Primary School we value the diversity of backgrounds of all pupils, families and wider school community. We have a broad and balanced curriculum which takes a global approach to learning by introducing themes from the perspective of other people in other countries.
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Ethos and Values
Our mission is to nurture the potential of every child in a secure, happy and inspiring environment.

School Aims

  • To provide a stimulating, welcoming and secure environment, in which children learn effectively
  • To ensure all members of our school are given equal regard and opportunity
  • To celebrate and value individual achievements, cultures and experiences
  • To maintain positive relationships between school, parents and the local communities including the armed forces
  • To encourage all members of the school to work together toward a shared vision
  • To encourage children to believe in their abilities enabling them to maximise their potential
  • To cater for a range of learning styles with cross-curricular links to ensure well planned, exciting and effective teaching
  • To promote a caring community respecting the welfare and needs of others
  • To encourage children to use initiative, to think positively, be responsible and to develop self discipline
  • To involve all members of the school in self evaluation, so that we can continue to meet the needs of families