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Holiday Absences
I am aware that there are many reasons why holidays in term time may be an attractive option for parents and carers. However, headteachers no longer have the authority to approve family holidays. The authority to do this was removed by the Secretary of State for Education, and all headteachers are now monitored by Local Authorities to ensure that we are not authorising holiday absences.

Whilst headteachers do still retain the authority to authorise absences in ‘exceptional circumstances’, the Department for Education have now made it clear that family holidays cannot in any context qualify as ‘exceptional circumstances’. I am sorry that I am therefore unable to accede to any request to authorise holidays.

I would expect that some families will continue to take holidays in term time for a number of reasons. These absences will simply be marked as unauthorized in our registers. It is not the policy of this school to seek penalty notices regarding holidays.

Although we cannot authorise holiday absences, if you do decide to take a holiday during term time, it is very important that you let us know when you will be away. Otherwise school staff will try to contact you when your children are absent to determine the reason. Please inform office staff either in person or in writing letting us know the dates your children will be away from school.

Mr D. Wood